Under the Lake


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Still waters run deep—and deadly—in this “blockbuster”* thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Stuart Woods.

“Part detective story, part ghost story, part Southern gothic…It scared the living hell out of me!”—Stephen King

Situated on a peaceful lake in the prettiest part of the North Georgia mountains, Sutherland seems like a nice town, warm and quiet. The kind of place where families know their neighbors and children can grow up safe. The perfect sanctuary for John Howell, a former investigative journalist trying to escape from his past. But Sutherland harbors a dark evil, hidden deep within the lake’s waters. 
Soon, whispered rumors of greed, lust, and, corruption reach Howell, who begins to dig into the history of Sutherland. But someone doesn’t want Howell to uncover the truth of what lies beneath the lake, and will stop at nothing to silence him...


Praise for Under the Lake

“Another gem...A book to read and get chills from on even the hottest day.”—San Diego Union

“Keeps you turning page after page.”—The Washington Post

“Overwhelming...I’ve never read a novel like it in my life…Everything is swept away by the simple raw power of the concept and Stuart Woods’ ability to actually carry it off…I’ll have nightmares about that lake!”—Stephen King
“A blockbuster certain to keep you turning the pages long into the night.”—*The Macon Telegraph & News

“Never a dull moment as the story surges toward its exciting climax.”—Publishers Weekly

More Praise for Stuart Woods

“Stuart Woods is a no-nonsense, slam-bang storyteller.”—Chicago Tribune

“A world-class mystery writer...I try to put Woods’s books down and I can’t.”—Houston Chronicle 

“Mr. Woods, like his characters, has an appealing way of making things nice and clear.”—The New York Times

“Woods certainly knows how to keep the pages turning.”—Booklist

“Since 1981, readers have not been able to get their fill of Stuart Woods’ New York Times bestselling novels of suspense.”—Orlando Sentinel

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